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This Is Why You Won't Hear Iggy Azalea Rap About Australia

It's deeper than 'the dirt underneath your feet.'

For a lot of rappers, where they're from deeply informs their music. Kendrick Lamar's raps are colored by his experiences growing up in Compton. J. Cole reps "Fayettenam" passionately, and often tells tales of his upbringing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Outkast have been shouting "ATL" for more than two decades.

You won't hear much about Iggy Azalea's native Australia in her music, though. And that's not an accident.

Friday morning (October 17), the "Black Widow" rapper took to Twitter to explain that she makes music for her 14-year-old self -- and since that girl felt left out by artists making location-centric songs, Iggy vowed not to harp on any particular place in her own music.

And there you have it. So if you want to know about Australia, your best bet is to take a vacation to the Land Down Under. Which actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

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