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One Direction Pop Their Track List Into Our Treat Bag

1D will also give us five songs upfront with a pre-order.

One Direction gave us a little treat on Thursday (October 16). They revealed the track list to Four!

So far, we already knew about "Steal My Girl" and "Fireproof," the softer, '80s-themed tracks they've already released. But there's a lot more -- 16 songs total on the deluxe album, out November 17.

And, the guys say if you pre-order it, you get five tracks before the LP's release. Nice!

1. "Steal My Girl"

2. "Ready To Run"

3. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go"

4. "18"

5. "Girl Almighty"

6. "Fool's Gold"

7. "Night Chances"

8. "No Control"

9. "Fireproof"

10. "Spaces"

11. "Stockholm Syndrome"

12. "Clouds"


13. "Change Your Ticket"

14. "Illusion"

15. "Once In A Lifetime"

16. "Act My Age"