6 Insanely Expensive Halloween Costumes

Plastic fangs are so bourgeois.

If a white sheet with eyeholes or a $10 drugstore mask are seeming a little low-rent to you this Halloween, then perhaps something a little bit more elaborate is in order before you start pounding the pavement for treats. Just rob a bank, raid your trust fund, or sell a few vital organs, and you can be King Halloweenie with one of these six wildly pricey costumes!

1. Moves like Jaeger

Cost: $345,000

Thanks to the robotics geniuses at Japan's Sakakibara Kikai company, you can use their fully functional Landwalker mech suit to dress as a "Pacific Rim" Jaeger, a "Star Wars" All-Terrain Scout Transport, or that bad guy from "Avatar." The thing even comes equipped with guns -- guns! -- the better to blast your way through crowds of kiddies in order to get to the house down the block that's giving away full-on Snickers bars instead of those pathetic fun-size nuggets.

2. Everything is awesome, especially your costume

Cost: $2,000

Why dress up as a mere character from "Star Wars," when you could go as "Star Wars" in its entirety?! Thanks to the geniuses at LEGO, you can turn your entire body into a fully-realized intergalactic landscape complete with Death Star, Ewok village, the Millenium Falcon, Jabba's sail barge, and more. Be sure to set aside another $100 or so to buy extra Stormtroopers.

3. The bird is the word

Cost: $500, plus the price of bird rental

A truly authentic Maleficent dress, cloak, and horned headpiece will set you back about $500...but let's not forget that you also need a few thou to rent a live raven to perch on your shoulder throughout the evening.

4. It's a nice day for a White Walkin'

Cost: $2,500

Everyone will know that winter is coming when you walk through the door as most enigmatic, necrotic character from "Game of Thrones." The White Walker mask alone will cost you almost $1,000, but once you're this committed, you might as well shell out the extra $1,300 for the prosthetic torso and hands, too. Don't forget a creepily realistic rubber baby ($130-$150) to complete the look.

5. Batvoice not included

Cost: $340 - $670

Sure, you could be like one of those "Dark Knight" poseurs and put together your own Batman costume using a rubber mask and hockey pads. But if you want a full-on Batsuit with the Lucius Fox stamp of approval, you'll have to go straight to the source: the Official Batman Costume website. A "Supreme" collector's edition suit will run you nearly $700, but a suit modeled after the flexible body armor from the latter two Christopher Nolan films is on sale for a mere $340: a small price to pay for the chance to authentically growl "I'M BATMAN" all night long.

6. "American Horror Story: Courtroom"

Cost: $100 up front, $100,000 later

Cutting up a scary clown mask, painting your face, and dirtying up a ruffly jumpsuit probably won't set you back more than $100, but the potentially hundreds of thousands you'll pay in lawyer's fees after a bunch of disgruntled clowns sue you for defamation of character is another story entirely.