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Can You Handle Mike WiLL, RiFF RAFF And ILoveMakonnen's Collab?

Listen to 'Syrup In My Soda.'

Mike WiLL Made-It wasn't kidding when he named his upcoming 2014 mixtape Ransom.

On Wednesday (October 15), the hit-making producer tweeted that he'd only drop his new song, "Syrup In My Soda," if his followers retweeted him 1,000 times. With some support from his collaborators, RiFF RAFF and ILoveMakonnen, his plan worked.

Not surprisingly, the trap-flavored track is buoyed by ground-shaking sub-bass kick drums. Seriously, watch your speakers.

The flamboyantly colorful Jody Highroller and Atlanta’s own "Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday" singer bring the southern-fried lyrics about that purple drank, which flow seamlessly over the beat.

“Who’s the boss? I came through with the wood wheel, diamond grill, my name known in Nashville [Elvis!], my cash fill, I jumped out in a Jag still, ya b--ch game me a headache I need a Advil,” raps RiFF.

For the closer, the “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” crooner pours the perfect soul-drenched digestif.