What Not To Do On Halloween: Wear This Ebola Costume


There's a whole bunch of do's and don't's for the Halloween season -- do take your little sister trick-or-treating, don't TP your neighbors, do carve Obama into a pumpkin, don't accept apples or raisins or bookmarks. And here's one more simple rule: Don't wear this Ebola costume. Just, no.

The costume is $79.99 and comes with a white hazmat suit, blue gloves, a mask and yellow rubber boots -- "a great deal," according to Johnathon Weeks, the CEO of the company that produces the outfit. At least they didn't make the suit see-through with heels and call it a "sexy Ebola costume"...

While the health care workers who sport these outfits in real life are valiant heroes to society, if you put one on, you won't transform into someone who's trying to shut down a deadly virus. You're not being brave; you're just being a jerk. These workers sacrifice their own health for others, and they use the hazmat suit to protect themselves from Ebola. The only thing you'll be protecting yourself from is a spilt beer or two. Maybe some upchucked caramel apple.

Weeks defended the tastefulness of the costume to The Atlantic:

"You can go on any website for a zombie mask for an eight-year-old with cuts and scars all over their face," he said. "It's Halloween, it's one day, if people are that serious about it, they don’t know what Halloween is about."

The difference here? It was discovered Wednesday (October 15) that a second American health care worker has tested positive for Ebola in Texas. Nearly 4,500 people have died from it worldwide and experts say new cases could climb to 10,000 cases a week in West Africa if the virus goes unchecked. As far I as I know, no one has died from a zombie attack.

This isn't satire. It's just too real.

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