Emma Stone Is An Awful, Brilliant Liar: Watch

Jimmy Fallon wins a 'Box of Lies' victory at last.

Emma Stone was on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday to promote her latest film, "Birdman," an appearance which of course included some game-playing shenanigans.

With Emma having crushed host Jimmy Fallon in a lip-sync battle back in the spring, Jimmy understandably chose not to attempt a rematch on that front. Instead, he brought out "Box of Lies" -- where Emma, like Le Chiffre withering under the incisive gaze of James Bond, told a brilliant lie only to blow it with a late-in-the-game giveaway.

We can't remember the last time Jimmy Fallon actually won this game, and apparently, neither can he, because he nearly passed out from the excitement when he beat Emma in only two rounds.