These 12 Examples Of Instant Karma Are Proof The Universe Hates Jerks

Be nice. It's a lot less painful.

When John Lennon sang, “Instant karma's gonna get you / Gonna knock you right on the head,” who knew he was being literal? Here are GIFs and videos that will have you rethinking any selfish or bullying behavior faster than you can say, “I immediately regret this decision.”

1. Slashing a tire blows up in this guy's face

2. A wannabe stuntman does some crying over spilled milk

3. A lady throws her drink on a cyclist in front of the wrong undercover cop

4. A driver gets the message that he shouldn't text and drive

5. Oh, puck! This hockey fan taunts an injured player, then gets told the rough way to knock it off.

6. Humans can be real asses

7. Always call top bunk

8. This creeper literally gets kicked to the curb

9. It's crystal clear: This thief sucks at getaways...

10. Break a leg!

11. Not the cleverest prank of all time

12. This is how you bomb at a cannonball