Here's What You Need To Bring To One Direction's 'Where We Are' Movie This Weekend

There are 6 essentials.

This weekend isn’t just any weekend. It’s 1D weekend. One Direction’s concert film “Where We Are” is coming to theaters for three days only -- October 11, 12 and 13 -- and I’m hardly prepared.

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Based on what I’ve seen from other fans and what I feel in my heart, here’s what I plan on packing the minute I get home from work.

Portable Phone Charger

You know there’s going to be a lot of cellphone activity at the theater -- you’ve got to Snapchat the line, take a selfie with your equally-as-pumped friends, tweet at Zayn about how excited you are, scour the Internet for any surprise 1D appearances. Keep that ish charged, homie.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but I just have to say it. You have to stay energized throughout this, guys. It’s gonna be late, and I can’t have anyone falling asleep. I don’t know, maybe you can pack some of these?

Your Ticket

You did remember to get tickets, right?

Your Style

Everyone has their outfits planned already! Ugh. I am not ready for this. You ladies are going to look goood.

Stuff To Trade

I'm a big fan of trading. So if you see a piece of 1D merch that you like on someone else, be prepared to make a deal. Or you could sell homemade 1D stuff. Gotta save up for the next day's screening.

Your Tears

You know Zayn's many high notes? "Little Things"? The damn group hug?? Yeah, you're gonna need tears for that.

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