Bun B Flashes His 'Intoxicating' Smile In Amazing New Toothpaste Commercial

That's one heck of a smile.

Bun B has a great smile. Seriously. So why not show it off?

That's exactly what he does in a new commercial for Rembrandt toothpaste, alongside "Top Chef" winner Kristen Kish and "Marvel" comics editor Sana Amanat.

"I am probably not the normal person that you'd see in a toothpaste ad," Bun says at the opening of the spot. "I think I stand out because I'm not trying to fit in... I've been very lucky to bring something different and new and original to the music industry. I'm proud of who I am. Most of the guys that I work with, their teeth are golden. My smile is unique and intoxicating."

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Indeed it is, Trill OG.

For further evidence, enjoy some bubbly Bun B smiles below.

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