The Many Faces Of 5SOS' Ashton Irwin

From adorable smile to scary tiger teeth -- Ashton (and his dimple) know how to shake up a pic.

It just so happens 5 Seconds of Summer are musically talented and kinda cute. We're constantly reminded of this whenever Ashton flashes his dimples. Given the dudes' passion for taking selfies, we have plenty of dimplage to look at, and now I realize that Mr. Irwin is the most facially diverse member of the group.

Here are the many faces of Ashton Irwin:

The pleading

The teeth-baring criminal

The teeth-baring TMNT

The smile

So adorable


The rock 'n roll

The innocent Miley

The 'tell me when it's over'

The upside-down

The pouty

The dimpler

The 1D

The 'Hey Guys'

The ... no words for this one, actually