Watch Lady Gaga Dance Like Crazy In Sweatpants While Giving Everyone The Finger

Mother Monster lets her hair down -- or at least takes off her wig.

Lady Gaga may be all sophisticated and grown-up now, but she can also chill out, crack open a brew and flip people off whilst wearing sweatpants with the best of them. Wait... what?!

That's right, Mother Monster is kicking all kinds of back lately -- most notably at a recent Lady Starlight show at which she leapt on stage in sweatpants, backed that a$$ up and, for the grand finale, ripped off her ski cap (yes, ski cap) and flipped all y'all the bird.

Someone captured the moment on Vine, and Gaga, thankfully, shared it with the world via Twitter.

Gaga also recently kicked back in some lounge gear (a.k.a. an awesome trench and Cher's wig) in Cologne, Germany, and poured a cold one down her gullet, like us normal people are wont to do -- you can check out photographic evidence down yonder.

Hey, even the most "Sophisticated Lady" has to let loose once in a while, am I right?