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Aziz Ansari Breaks Down Feminism In Terms Of Beyonce And Jay Z, And It's Totally Brilliant

If you're against feminism, you're against Beyonce.

Not only is Beyoncé kind of a champion for feminism, she's also, apparently, part of the definition of the word -- at least for "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari. And we tend to agree.

Ansari sat down with David Letterman on "The Late Show" Monday night where he spoke about some people's reticence to call themselves feminists because "people think 'feminist' means some woman's going to start yelling at them."

According to Ansari, though -- and most rational human beings -- "feminism" is just a call to treat men and women equally, an idea he explained by way of Beyoncé and husband Jay Z's joint On The Run Tour.

"You're a feminist if you go to a Jay Z and Beyoncé concert and you're not like, 'I feel like Beyonce should get like 23% less money than Jay Z," Ansari said. "'Also I don't think Beyoncé should have the right to vote and why is Beyoncé singing and dancing -- shouldn't she make Jay a steak? I'm sure he's very tired after walking and rapping those two songs.'"

Whip that one out next time someone starts talking about how they're not a feminist because they don't hate men.

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