'NBA 2K15' Bug Makes Players Into Monsters

Players greet their horrific digital twins face to face.

So, you've always wanted to be a baller -- tha-that's still a thing right? -- and with modern video game tech, you can finally come face to face with the biggest names in the game. And by face to face, we mean -- OMYFREAKINGGODITSNOTHUMAN! Who knew the orcs from "Shadow of Mordor" where playable characters in "NBA 2K15?"

Really though, the idea behind it all is pretty cool. The process seems simple enough. Upload a selfie to "NBA 2K15" via your Kinect or PlayStation Eye, and with some computational magic, your face should appear onto an in-game model. This video shows how it's done.

Cool, yeah?

Many games in the past have attempted a facial mapping system to get you into the game -- usually resulting in something between a passable Muppet, and horrors beyond all imaginations. With time, it'll get better and eventually we will all have our digital doppelgangers dunking and lobbing three-pointers.

Today isn't that day, however, and many hopeful gamers have taken to Twitter via #facescan to show of their less than gorgeous results.

Yikes. Hopefully, 2K will be able to iron out the problem for today's (October 7) launch. Until then, enjoy having a good laugh as your hideous twin rules the court.