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Brian Williams Loves It When His Newscasts Turn Into Raps

Plus, the anchor addresses his viral rap videos.

Jimmy Fallon has come up with plenty of hilarious bits on "The Tonight Show," but few rival Brian Williams rapping classic hip-hop hits. Thanks to some impressive editing, the show has given us the "Nightly News" anchor rapping favorites like "Gin and Juice," "Rapper's Delight" and "Baby Got Back." And Williams admits that he loves them just as much as the Internet does (which is a lot).

"They've been amazing," the broadcast veteran said during a recent Q&A on Facebook. "Never before have so many words been re-purposed so outside their original meaning. We have interviewed the profoundly talented video editor and will put it on the web before long."

Williams also weighed in on one of rap's great debates: Biggie vs. 2Pac.

"I don't want to stir up trouble with Big's existing crew," he said, "but The Pac has been my guy."

He likes him so much, he's even given him his own nickname. And this, from an East Coast guy, no less.