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Watch This Guy Wake Up From Surgery And Get Pissed That Beyonce Isn't There To Greet Him

She lied to him! She LIED to him!

Admit it, it's happened to you too. You get knocked out for wisdom tooth surgery, dream amazing narcotic visions of hanging out with Beyoncé and share a pinky swear that she will totally be there IRL to help you recover when you wake up.

But then, if you're 17-year-old Cody Lanphere, the drugs wear off, your mouth is full of bloody gauze and, for some reason, your mom is there filming you as you freak out and realize that not only is Queen Bey not there, but she LIED to you! "She couldn't make it," your mom says, offering to call her when she gets home.

Cody Lanphere

Wait, your mom has Queen Bey's number? We know how you feel, Cody. We totally do. Bey totally ditched us when we had our cast taken off last week. (Also, as a side note, mom, it's totally not cool to make fun of Cody for not knowing where his heart is.)