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21 'Walking Dead' Zombie Tattoos That Totally Don't Bite

Incredible, edible (if you're a zombie) ink.

With "The Walking Dead" returning to television this Sunday, we've all got zombies on the brain. But some superfans have gone a step further: they've got zombies on the brain, and the epidermis.

These diehard fans of "The Walking Dead" have declared their love for the show in the most permanent, public way, with portraits of the series' undead denizens inked into their very flesh. It's just a shame that all those thankless ingrate zombies probably wouldn't even pause to appreciate such fine art before sinking their teeth into it.

1. Bicycle Zombie from the show's very first episode is a popular tattoo subject.

by Paul Acker

2. In elegant black and white...

3. ...or in living (dead) color.

by Matt Zeilinger

4. Sometimes, she was part of a collage.


5. And one artist gave her a beautiful Cherokee rose burial.

6. Also a favorite tat subject: Miss Addy Miller.


7. She was the little blonde walker...

8. ...who Rick shot in the very first episode.

9. She's everywhere.

10. Can you accurately identify this mystery zombie?

11. How about this one?

12. Behind these doors? You guessed it: ZOMBIES.


13. Looks like this zombie had a run-in with Daryl Dixon.

14. This fabulous sleeve is fully finished.


15. This one still has a few zombies to go.

16. Not a zombie, per se, but an important mantra if you happen to encounter one.

17. Some of our favorite characters were immortalized in walker form, like Zombie Merle...

18. ...and the undead head of Hershel.

19. This little zombie had roast beef.


20. This little zombie has... gums.

21. And this little zombie went blaaaaaaargghhhh, all the way home.