Neil H Kitson/Redferns/Getty Images

Get Out The Champagne, Drake Just Broke A Record Previously Held By The Beatles

A little help from ILoveMakonnen helped Drizzy break the record.

The Beatles are such an iconic force in pop culture that when current artists break records the Fab Four set, it always feels like an important landmark. So that's why it feels extra important that thanks to his remix of ILoveMakonnen's "Tuesday," Drake just passed the Beatles for number of singles to be featured on Billboard Hot 100.

The "Tuesday" remix hit number 90 on that chart, so it comes in as the 72 single to hit that chart for Drake, passing the Beatles' 71 and putting him in eight place overall for all-time number of singles in that chart. His competition? "Glee" cast songs, Elvis, Lil Wayne, James Brown, Jay Z, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin. Not bad company to be in eh?

That list is in order, which means, yup "Glee" has the most entries in the Hot 100 of all time somehow with a whopping 207. Jay Z has 82, which doesn't seem that out of reach for Drizzy at the rate he's been going.

As for the song that helped him edge out the British quartet, we might have found out earlier this week why this song goes down soooo smooth. Plus, it's Makonnen's first-ever appearance on the chart, which seems like a fitting counterpoint to Drake's record. Champagne, anyone?