H. Matthews

Future Embraces His Inner Demons In The NSFW 'Monster' Video

The Atlanta rapper is having an 'Eyes Wide Shut' moment in this mansion party clip.

Early mixtapes like Astronaut Status and his signature hit like “Turn On The Lights" gave Future the enduring reputation as a devoted space-age robot lover with a soul pure as a dove. While that element is certainly present in his repertoire, Future Hendrix knows how to play several tunes.

His latest video for “Monster,” a song MTV premiered back in August, finds him ditching his sweet persona for something more, well, monstrous: he’s a heartless player, reveling in hedonism.

Gone are the sky-scraping autotune paeans to a life partner. Future's embracing the colder parts of his identity, rejecting limits and social mores and he's never seemed less interested in monogamy—all this along to the swooping synth flute-driven tune comes courtesy of Metro Boomin and Southside.

The video matches the sentiment: Future reigns over a rowdy mansion party, girls wearing nothing but thongs and body paint lining the halls. Someone brings a snake. Metro Boomin dances in the kitchen. Black lights add slightly mystical overtones. Future is clearly having his "Eyes Wide Shut" moment.

Mark your calendars: on October 28th Future releases his Monster mixtape, executive produced by Metro Boomin.