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James Franco And Seth Rogen Are Completely Naked Together In The Jungle

Nudity is natural, guys.

Deep breaths. We've seen a lot of naked and near-naked bodies this week haven't we? Between the sweltering Nick Jonas photos, rumors that Nick will one day go full-frontal, and the confirmation that Ben Affleck will be baring more than his heart in "Gone Girl," we've had nakedness on the brain. And apparently, so have James Franco and Seth Rogen.

These two are well-known for their comedic antics, but this one is really the full monty, y'know?

Franco captioned the picture: "Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals."

And posted one other pic of the two sans clothing:

"See if me and seth can make it, NAKED and AFRAID!!!! Wtf?! You'll see........" he wrote on the second picture.

And one more with their uh, unmentionables meticulously edited out:

Friends that get naked in the jungle together... stay together? Clearly, there's nothing these two won't do for each other. They were recently pretty dang close to nude when they celebrated Jimmy Fallon's birthday, but there was no jungle and no canvas sacks in that case.

Could this be related to their new movie "The Interview"? Guess we'll have to wait and see—although we've definitely seen enough for tonight.