Partying On Glaciers? Just Business As Usual For MTV's 'Slednecks'

We're getting buckwild in...Alaska.

If you don't yet have a taste for caribou soup, you better prepare your palate fast.

Next month, MTV is stealing you away from America's lower 48 and catapulting you toward the tip-top of North America: Alaska. There, you can soak in the sweeping landscapes, catch glimpses of the abundant wildlife in lush forests and, if you're very lucky, party on a glacier. You heard us.

In the trailer for the network's new show "Slednecks" below, you'll meet a group of young troublemakers who get their kicks staring down bears, ice-fishing in bikinis and, when they're feeling particularly feisty, snowboarding in the buff. Driving alongside a sprinting moose might seem a bit unusual to you, but hey, when you've got frost coursing through your veins, it's just a typical Saturday afternoon...

Ready to rage with these flesh-and-blood snowmen? Throw on your toastiest parka, check out the video and be sure to tune in to the "Slednecks" premiere on October 30 at 10/9c!