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Olivia Benson Models Taylor Swift's New 'Sneaky Cat' Keds Design

You know, that other Olivia Benson.

Ever since Taylor Swift launched her Keds collection last year, she's been steadily releasing one killer design after another. From sequin-covered polka dots to subtle songbirds to multi-colored roses, we thought she had covered ALL her bases by now, but our favorite cat lady just had to throw in a pair of feline-inspired kicks—with the help of her new kitten Olivia Benson.


The black sneakers feature a "Sneaky Cat" peeping out from the bottom of the sole complete with two sets of laces, an official Taylor Swift charm, and "12-13-89” written (in her handwriting!) on the heel of the shoe. The best part? OLIVIA EVEN TOOK THEM FOR A SPIN.


Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Aakldaksdjal. If your heart didn't explode from cuteness, you can swipe up a pair for just $55 over at Keds.com.