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Are You Handling Your Breakup Like An Adult? A Quiz For The Recently Dumped

Dignity isn't easy when you've been ditched. Learn whether you have enough maturity for those other fish in the sea.

"Let's just be friends."

Those four words sting, no doubt about it, but getting dumped can actually be a good thing. You'll learn (and fix) some of your worst flaws; you'll learn (and avoid) personality types you're incompatible with; and you'll learn (yeah, right) that you can walk away from rejection without acting like a complete jackass.

Unfortunately, though, heartbreak doesn't always lead to the most rational decisions. It's perilously easy to make a tense situation far more dramatic than it needs to be. So, before you do anything impulsive -- especially on social media -- take this quiz to discover whether you're thinking about this breakup with a clear head...or, y'know, not thinking at all.