9 Other 'Key & Peele' Sketches That Should Be Movies

Whatttt issss thattt?

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are developing their Substitute Teacher sketch as a feature film with Paramount, which is objectively great news, since the pair is never not funny. But because "Key & Peele" is such a cinematic-looking show, the possibilities for other sketch adaptations is pretty much endless.

As psyched as I am to see Substitute Teacher maybe coming to the big screen, these are the other "Key & Peele" sketches that would make great movies.

1. Suburban Zombies

Even after years of being the trendy monster on the block, zombie stills are everywhere, and a Key and Peele parody might actually be enough to get me interested again.

2. Power Falcons

The Power Rangers are set for a reboot in 2016, so now seems like the perfect time to green light this even-more-racist knock-off.

3. Lando's Fan

If you ask me, Lando's standalone "Star Wars" spin-off already has a perfect trailer.

4. LMFAO's Non-Stop Party

Elevator pitch: It's like "Groundhog Day" meets "The Twilight Zone." Also, it stars Redfoo and Sky Blu.

5. Post-Apocalyptic Hunt

Change the ending of this highly stylized sketch, and you have a perfect End of Days buddy comedy.

6. Slow Brotion

Could they stretch this joke out for 90 minutes? Probably not, but I'd like to see them try.

7. Damn, Check That S**t Out

Key's character runs straight into the office of new president Bill Clinton, and suddenly, we have the start of a great '90s-set sci-fi flick.

8. Twilight Gangsters

There's so much in the lives of these two Twihards that we don't see. Please, Key & Peele, turn this into the next "Before Sunset" series.

9. Magician Cop

I really don't have to explain this one.