Jim McKenna

Derek Jeter Gets Emotional Send Off From Fans In Last Yankees Home Game

Thanks for the memories, Captain.

The Bronx will never be the same.

Derek Jeter played his last home game at Yankee Stadium Thursday night (September 25) and it was an event to remember.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but it was especially hard for Yankee fans to send off The Captain, perhaps the greatest player to wear the pinstripes in the modern day era.

Tickets prices to see Jeter’s last at bat in the house that he built rose to an unprecented $845—despite the inclement weather.

It was a packed house.

Even Jay Z made sure he was in the building to see the great one’s last hoorah.

And just like he’d done for so many years under the bright lights, on the biggest stage, Jeter led off his first at-bat with a stunning RBI double deep into left field to tie things up 2-2 for the Yanks at the bottom of the first inning.

Not surprisingly, everyone was chanting his name and thanking the baseball Gods for the chance to witness the legend of Jeter for one last time.

But for those that couldn’t make it, Twitter was a welcoming bullpen for all things #TheCaptain.

Here are just a few of the best tweets of the night:

The Legend Of Jeter.


More Tears.

The Governor Tips His Hat.

Respect Due.

Jeter The Hero.

Even more tears thanks to the emotional Gatorade commercial.

Thanks for the memories, Captain.