Check Out Britney Spears' New Bob

Complete with a Hyperlapse video, y'all.

In case you haven't been following Britney Spears’ every move as of late (how dare you! JK), she's been flying around the world promoting her new Intimate Collection, which she debuted at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. This week, she's been touring Europe, and today she previewed her sultry sleepwear and lingerie line at a mall in Germany complete with—GASP—a brand new ’do.

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She traded in her long, softly layered locks for a sleeker, blunt bob, which complimented her signature smoky eye and pale lip look perfectly.

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The freshly-chopped locks also looked killer paired with her minimal, crisp white suit and lace camisole. If you're wondering what this haircut looks like in action, don't stress. Ms. Spears created an entire Hyperlapse video dedicated to her new ’do. (Who knew it was so edgy from behind?) Check it out below!