11 Things You Learn About Guys By Moving In With One

Some important information you won't find on your lease...

You would think years of dating, hanging out and working with boys would give you a solid idea of what they're about. You would think that, until you move in with one. If you're considering shacking up with your man, be prepared to make these discoveries about how the other half lives.

1. They know how to wire 17 devices through one surge protector...

2. But have no idea how to put down the toilet seat.

3. They can proficiently operate an elaborate system of multiple remotes and cable boxes...

Tess Barker

4. But feel overwhelmed by using more than one shower product for all of their bathing needs.

5. They can easily be slipped vegan food if you focus on the fact that it is a “home cooked meal.”

6. They like football.

7. Like, a lot.

8. But are totally not into reading laundry labels.

9. They collect tools in the same way that we collect nail polish...

10. And the poor things think doing chores is as fun as having your nails did.

11. Finally, the three farts a day when you each had your own place? That was him holding back.

Photos: Tess Barker