'The Equalizer': 7 Reasons To See Denzel Washington's New Thriller

It's time to talk about Robert McCall.

"The Equalizer," starring Denzel Washington as an action hero with an affinity for punctuality (and killing people with insane originality), hits theaters this weekend. It is a crazy, crazy, crazy movie. Here's why.

1. An Action Movie with Denzel Washington

First and foremost, it's the gruesome violence and pulse-pounding adrenaline that fuels "The Equalizer." If you're looking for "Taken" levels of mayhem, avoid Liam Neeson's "A Walk Among the Tombstones," and seek out Denzel Washington's "The Equalizer." This is Washington exhibiting his very own particular set of skills, and it. Is. Hard. Core.

2. Denzel Washington With Kill Skills

As Robert McCall, Washington's weary ex-warrior wants nothing more than to settle into his quaint life working at a Home Mart in Boston. But circumstances pull him back into a life of violent vigilantism. He's not an unfeeling hero; quite the opposite, in fact. Though McCall has moments of silent fury, he also smiles a whole lot, an upbeat presence in the lives of those he cares about. It's a multi-faceted role, as one would expect from someone of Washington's caliber. Also, he kills everyone, in the most absurd ways. For instance, you will see…

3. Denzel Washington With a Corkscrew

It's pretty screwed up.

4. Denzel Washington With Honey

It's a sweet, sweet burn.

5. Denzel Washington With a Nail Gun

As deadly as an assault rifle in the right hands.

6. Really, Denzel Washington With All Of The Things

Because literally anything in his hands can become a weapon of mass destruction. The creative use of average objects as murder utensils is one of the gory joys of "The Equalizer." It never fails to wow.

7. Denzel Washington With an Enemy

Every good action movie needs a nasty villain. In that regard, "Equalizer" very much delivers. New Zealand actor Marton Csokas plays Russian psychopath Teddy, one of very few men who actually holds a candle to Washington's McCall in terms of ability and brutality. In fact, Teddy has McCall beat as far as brutality goes. He's an absolute monster, snaking and slithering at points, roaring with ferocity at others. Great, great villain.

BONUS: Denzel Washington With a Book

He doesn't kill anyone with a copy of "The Old Man and the Sea," but Washington's McCall still has great taste in literature. If you're looking for a book to read, you could do worse than checking out McCall's reading habits for suggestions.

Are you checking out "The Equalizer" this weekend?