Lorde Just Made This Girl's Life

Who needs waterslides when you have a 'Tennis Court'?

Update: We made a grave error when we reported that only one girl's life was changed by Lorde the other day. We have changed the story below on September 25 at 9 a.m. EST to reflect that error. Hat tip to Alexis' mom for sending us the info.

We hate to tell you this, guys, but no matter what happened to you today -- your crush told you s/he feels the same way, you won something from one of those claw machines, you cured cancer -- there's no way you had a better day than a girl named Alexis.

Nope. No way. No how. Your life looks like a grey road leading to nowhere, the sucking fogs of forgotten time lapping at the edges, when compared to Miss A.

Yup, not only did Alexis' parents surprise her with Lorde tickets -- and film the whole thing, because #2014 -- Lorde herself RT'd the video, writing: "just got sent this and i am teary-- COOLEST GIRL EVER."

And it doesn't stop there. The good deeds just kept paying it forward. After another Lorde fan named Amanda shared a quote from the video, Lorde spread the joy to her as well -- in the form of a RT. Amanda reacted the way we all would have in this case: by sending out a barrage of borderline speaking-in-tongues tweets. Here's our favorite.

Eff schoole, am I right?

Now, to watch the video that started it all. We won't give too much away, save for this choice quote (the one Amanda tweeted at Lorde): "So we're not going to the water park?" Classic.