'The Mindy Project’: How To Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mom In GIFs

Foolproof unless your boyfriend’s mom is Annette Castellano.

While we've still been thinking about the last minute-and-a-half of last week's epic "The Mindy Project" premiere with glee, this week finds Mindy tackling another post-honeymoon phase relationship hurdle: meeting Danny’s mom (played by the lovely Rhea Perlman).

With the title of episode two being "Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis," we knew right away that Mrs. Castellano wouldn't be the cookie-baking type of TV mother, but things got pretty bad, fast -- there may have even been some biting. Let's relive the best moments, in GIFS!

Mrs. Castellano might be hard to please. But Mindy can totally relate. This should be fine.

How can we get in on this gift deal?

Surprise! Mindy gets mistaken for Danny’s housekeeper.

Not a great start.

Mindy is determined to win the heart of Danny’s mom with a foolproof plan. Step 1: Shower her with complements.

The hair, the shoes, the jewelry... you've gotta love it all!

Step 2: Find common ground, like a TV show you both watch.

Don’t obsess over the same show? Wikipedia will become your friend!

Step 3: Bring gifts.

And don’t forget her BFF.

Step 4: Most importantly, agree with everything she says.

Even if she’s insulting Michael Fassbender’s perfect jawline.

When all else fails, know that the Coffee Crunch struggle (and the bill) is real.

DO NOT call your boyfriend's mother out for her iPhone gaming obsessions. Just don't.

But the best way to bond with your boyfriend's mom? Share the dirty details.

All the dirty details.

And apologize when things get physical.