What Are You Excited To Wear This Fall?

The onset of autumn chill doesn't just mean the widespread invasion of the pumpkin spice latte and pictures of shoes on fallen leaves in your Instagram feed. It also means switching out your cut-offs for denim jackets and your strappy sandals for your favorite pair of boots.

Also, it's just short of scientific fact that fall is the BEST season for clothes. You can wear layers. You reintroduce sweaters. You can go closed or open-toed with barely any weather-related consequences. You don't have to construct outfits around where sweat stains might surface. Also, again, layers.

Fall presents you with a deluge of style options, and everyone goes about them in a different way. THUS, we hit the streets to ask our friendly NYC neighbors what excites them most about their own closets and the upcoming season of FASHUN.