Bad Robot

'Star Wars' Reveals The Millennium Falcon

But does it come in black?

For months now, director Zack Snyder has been pushing this weird joke (at least, we think it's a joke) crossing over "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Star Wars." And now, "Star Wars" has responded in the best way possible.

After you're done gluing your socks back on, allow us to explain what led up to this, the greatest mash-up of nerdity ever created.

Back during San Diego Comic-Con, Snyder lobbied the first pitch by sending out a picture of Henry Cavill in Superman costume, holding a lightsaber in a robe dressed as "SuperJedi."

"Star Wars: Episode VII" actor John Boyega responded with a picture of his own soon after.

Then Zack Snyder went insane. First he showed off a picture of Batman teaming up with R2-D2, which turned out to be a cleverly constructed action figure fueled fake.

Which led to this mash-up pic from Bad Robot:

Then in September, when rumors spread that the Batmobile was stolen on the set of "Batman V Superman," Snyder was more than happy to reveal the culprits.

Through all of this, "Star Wars" itself has been relatively silent. Then the above video hit, and so did our jaws on the floor.

Not only is this the first official look at Han Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon in "Episode VII," it turns out that Batman's Tumblr is hiding on the bottom of the vehicle. For those not totally steeped in "Star Wars" continuity, that's exactly what the Falcon did on a massive Star Destroyer in "Empire Strikes Back."

Is that a hint that in the new movie, the Falcon is piloted by bad guys? Or given that the Tumblr is camouflaged like Bane's Tumblr in "Dark Knight Rises," that the League of Shadows is coming for Chewbacca, after all these years?

Or maybe it's just some folks having fun on the internet, who knows? Now it's your move, Zack Snyder... Though it might be a good idea to let the Wookie win.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" hits theaters on December 18, 2015. "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" hits on March 25, 2016.