Watch Famous 'Breaking Bad' Scenes Recreated For The Spanish-Language Remake

'Di mi nombre.'

People who watched "Breaking Bad" during its six-year run got the benefit of letting Walter White's descent into villainy stew and fester as they waited between episodes and seasons, making it all-the-more rewarding when he reached his end.

But that's not Univision's style.

For the Spanish-language network's shot-for-shot remake of "Breaking Bad," the story of Walter Blanco played out in daily episodes, and after only four months on the air, "Metástasis" is coming to an end. The final episode airs tonight (9/18).

To celebrate the ending of this wonderfully bizarre series, check out some of "Breaking Bad's" most iconic scenes as they played out in "Metástasis."


Hank's Death

Hank Discovers Walter's Secret

Mike's Death

"For the cancer to come back."

Gus' Death

Jane's Death

Tortoise Explodes

Hank Kills Tuco

Walter Blows Up Tuco's HQ