Thank You Based God: Lil B's New Emoji App Is A Must-Download

The only way you'll text from this day forward.

I'll be honest: When I saw that Lil B had released an iPhone app on Wednesday morning (September 17), I went in with relatively low expectations. After downloading it, I'm not sure why I was ever so foolish.

At this point, I'm considering deleting every other app on my phone, because "Basedmoji" is all that I'll ever need.

There are a few dozen Lil B-inspired Emoji-esque characters on the app, ranging from pictures of the Based God in various situations to some of his classic words of inspiration.

Here's the rapper's description of the release, taken from the iTunes Store, where you can download it now: "This Is A Very Rare App Designed And Developed By Lil B himself!!! COLLECT THIS APP AND SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD! This app was created by Lil B to have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the life of Lil B! I LOVE YOU! - Lil B"


Here's what you can expect:

Your Basic Lil B Talking Heads

Lil B And His Girl...And His Other Girl...And The Three Of Them Together

Lil B Holding The Earth, Spreading Love Across The Globe

Some Universal Words Of Wisdom From Lil B


Whatever These Heads Are

The Obligatory 'Thank You Based God' #EmojiPrayHands