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The 6 Worst Movie Wedding Themes Ever

Please don't.

Themed weddings are all the rage these days, from nautical to summer camp motifs.

That's all well and good, and we have no moral objections to matching invitations to napkins, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. For example, we know that "The Hunger Games" books and movies are beloved. We know. That doesn't mean we're fully on board that train to the Capitol when it comes to themeing your nuptials around it.

Think about it: It's a dystopian story that revolves around kids brutally murdering each other. The first installment nearly ends in a double suicide! Ah, romance. We don't care how cute it would be to give out little Mockingjay pins as favors or serve a berry cobbler instead of a cake, it's just a little off to us.

In that spirit, here are 6 other movies we think would make for similarly terrible wedding themes.

1. "Swing Kids"

Pro: Your place cards could be tiny records with each guest's name written in the middle!

Con: Nazis, suicide, you name it.

2. "You're Next"

Pro: Everyone can wear animal masks. It'll be so cute.

Con: Murder. Lots of murder.

3. "The Green Mile"

Pro: Cute little trained mouse ringbearers!

Con: Though the lovable rodent is everyone's favorite animal pal, he dies a terrible death.

4. "Gravity"

Pro: Gorgeous celestial decorations, real opportunity for big paper lanterns. (The moon, duh.)

Con: The sheer terror of open space.

5. "The Fault In Our Stars"

Pro: Another recent beloved YA adaptation, little word-bubble place cards, a blue, black and white color scheme and ending your vows with "Okay?" "Okay." would be so tempting.

Con: Yes, it's about a love story, buuuuut. We shouldn't even have to say this one.

6. "Captain Phillips"

Pro: Classic nautical. You could have it on a boat. If you take the line out of context, you can work, "look at me -- I'm your husband now" into your vows. Plus, everyone loves a happy ending.

Con: The middle parts of the movie are less happy than the ending. Stick with a more general nautical/ocean theme, if you must.