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Is Beyonce Pregnant? The Internet Certainly Seems Convinced

One lyric change and the entire world loses its mind. That is the power of the Carter family.

As usual, rumors are following the Carter family's every move, and the latest report is that Beyonce is pregnant with the couple's second child. Where did this rumor come from? And what do people think about it? Most importantly, is it true or not? Let's break it down.

The Evidence:

The rumor of Bey's second pregnancy began to circulate after Jay Z allegedly changed some lyrics to his Magna Carta Holy Grail track "Beach Is Better." Jay performs the song regularly as part of the couple's On The Run tour setlist, but during their Friday night performance in Paris (September 12) fans are alleging that he ad-libbed this line "cause she pregnant with another one." There's no video of the lyric change, but the rumor has been picked up by almost every site and publication.

The Reaction:

Fans are obviously chiming in with their thoughts, most of which are unequivocally delighted and exultant, like most of the BeyHive's reactions to Bey are:

But fans are happy as long as she is too:

And some just want to know the truth!

Let me know if the Pope gets back to you with any news though, okay?

The Verdict:

We're not sure. Beyonce already announced her pregnancy onstage once, and everyone remembers when Kanye decided to announce Kim's pregnancy at a show—so it's not completely impossible.

Still, it seems like they would be more direct. Usually, if Bey and Jay want to send a message, there's no confusion about what their intent is. It also seems like Beyonce would want to deliver the news herself, no? Either way, we've reached out to a rep for the royal couple of music to see if we can get an official verdict. We'll keep you posted on the response.