Whitney Port And Roxy Olin Reunite In 'The City' At New York Fashion Week

They've come a long way from People's Revolution.

New York Fashion Week came to a close yesterday afternoon, but two "City" gals proved their connection extends beyond any season's trends.

Whitney Port and Roxy Olin, who appeared on the New York-centered show until 2010, reunited at NYFW between runway presentations and looked thrilled to be arm-in-arm four years after "The City"'s series finale.

Whitney Port's Instagram

"Happy Reunion" Whitney captioned a photo she posted to her Instagram account in which she and her former partner-in-crime are dressed to the nines. Are we positive they, themselves, aren't models?

Roxy and Whitney got along famously on the show as employees of Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution. But when Whitney got the impression that Roxy wasn't pulling her weight in getting Whitney's fashion line off the ground (Whitney Eve is still alive and well, FYI), the two grew distant, and eventually, Roxy moved out of their shared apartment. Certainly glad to see time can heal all wounds!

Check out a tense moment between Roxy and Whitney from "The City," below, and tell us if you're surprised to see the ladies back in each other's good graces!