Tonight Show 'Family Feud' Is The Best Idea Jimmy Fallon Has Ever Had

The 'Feud,' spiced up for late night.

With Steve Harvey slated to make a "Tonight Show" appearance Monday, it was only natural that he bring his gig as the host of an entirely different show into the studio with him, facilitating a round of "Family Feud" between Jimmy Fallon, Jason Segel, and house band the Roots.

And by "only natural," we mean, "so fantastic that we will never see its equal again, ever," because Steve Harvey is a national treasure in this role. Between shaming the Roots for their gun show and putting Jimmy in his place ("I'm the host of this show!"), Harvey basically ensured that no other "Tonight Show" game will ever be this fun, or funny.

Also, the Roots are really good at "Family Feud."