Skateboarding And Talking Tinder: That's Just Part Of 'Being Tyler Posey'

A brand-new special will reveal what the man behind 'Teen Wolf''s Scott McCall is like IRL.

Four seasons into "Teen Wolf" and you know Scott McCall like the back of your hand -- he's a lacrosse star, has an unfortunate allergy to "Star Wars" and, oh yeah, just happens to be the most benevolent hero Beacon Hills has ever seen. But who exactly is Tyler Posey, who plays the Alpha Werewolf? Glad you asked.

This Sunday, MTV will take you inside the life of none other than TyPo: the tatted-up, backwards hat-sporting 22-year-old whose skateboard might as well be an extension of his being. And in the sneak peek of the special below, he proves that even though he's a household name, he's still very much the same guy his longtime friends know and love.

Tyler and his two pals arrive at one of their old favorite skating spots in the clip, and proceed to tear up a lengthy asphalt course. When they're winded, though, and finally decide to take a break, Tyler's pal Dan makes quite a confession -- he still uses an old group photo featuring Tyler to get girls on Tinder.

"It's done well for me," Dan says, gratefully. "I wanna thank you for that."

"Dude, that's all I want," Tyler responds, as the two set up for a particularly meaningful high-five. That's what friends are foooooor.

Check out the clip, tune in to "Being Tyler Posey" Sunday night at 10/9c and make sure you catch the season finale of "Teen Wolf" Monday night at 10/9c!