9 Joan Rivers Clips That Prove She Was Everything

From sex to sexism to her own self, she made us laugh about it all.

Sharp-tongued comedian Joan Rivers, who has been in and summarily mocked the public eye for more than 50 years, died today (September 4) following complications with a throat surgery.

"Maybe you take the worst thing in the world and make it funny, it's a vacation for a minute from horror," Rivers once said in an interview with CNN (before famously giving the anchor the what-for and leaving the interview early).

That's exactly what she did, making us laugh about everything. In the following nine clips spanning her career, she cracks wise about everything from sexuality, her boobs, marriage and death.

1. The Author Spot

In this 1986 interview, the comedian jumps from jokes about aging (a theme that would continue through the next nearly three decades of her career), marriage and her early career. "I went to buy sexy underwear, and they immediately gift wrapped," the then-53-year-old said.

2. Right Back Up

In 1974, appearing on the "Carol Burnett Show," Rivers showcased a bra "made of all rubber" which would allow her to "fall down, bounce right back up," and joked that she was "such a dog, to get me down the aisle they threw a bone" when she got married.

3. A Royal Upset

In an interview with MTV Act, Rivers spoke about her memoir, her charitable work and pissing off Queen Elizabeth.

4. "My Vagina Is So Dry"

It wouldn't be a Joan Rivers interview without a few :O-worthy off-color jokes, so of course her triumphant return to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in March 2014 kept audiences howling with jokes about genital piercings, Fallon's emotionality and the state of her no-no.

5. Red Carpet Prep

In 2007, Rivers underwent a hilarious pre-Oscar red carpet prep session with Sherrod of "Best Week Ever."

6. "You Were Funny, But Bad"

In 1966, a 33-year-old Rivers appeared alongside Johnny Carson to chat about married life, a good old-fashioned busting of Carson's chops and a takedown of what she calls "masculine decorating sense." ("A lot of leather and chains.")

7. Of Money And Love

In this 2012 interview, Rivers proves that she can crack wise about anything pop culture, talking about her experiences with rapper 50 Cent. "I dated his father, Dollar 30, for years," she told MTV.

8. Joan Interviews Herself

After David Letterman jokingly walked out on Rivers' "Late Show" appearance in July, Rivers immediately took the bull by the horns and proceeded to interview herself. "How's your sex life, you old bitch?" she asked herself.

9. Boom, Roasted

The most important thing to be able to laugh at is yourself, as Rivers proved at her own Comedy Central roast in 2009. "America needs Joan Rivers," she declared, commanding that a flag be flown behind her. Of course, she also mocked Kathy Griffin, who, according to Rivers, has the "face of the Burger King." It's important to laugh at yourself, but laughing at others is still totally allowed and encouraged.

What was your favorite Joan Rivers moment? Tell us in the comments.

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