Taylor Swift Isn't Fooling Anyone When She Says She Can't Dance: Watch

Taylor does a split in these 'Shake It Off' outtakes, and that's no easy feat.

Admittedly, Taylor Swift isn't the most graceful of creatures (although we'd beg to differ), and her "Shake It Off" video is a giant ode to that fact. But now, Taylor's dorkiness is amplified with another set of outtakes from the Mark Romanek-directed clip.

Swift already showed us how she managed to maneuver with the cheerleaders on set, so this time, she's leaping around with ballerinas in the seconds round of her outtakes series. So while she's surrounded by trained, poised dancers, how do you think she would describe her dancing?

"All the worst mom and dad dances moves you could ever think of," she says.

Don't lie, girl, you're doing pretty well in those pointe shoes.