Junglepussy/Suspects NYC via Twitter

Forget Song Of The Summer -- Junglepussy's 'Nah' Video Is The Ultimate Fall Comedown

Watch the 22-year-old rapper's new clip.

"You can't fake real," Junglepussy opens in her new music video "Nah," which, despite being packed with fantasy, might be the realest clip you'll watch all week.

This mission statement of sorts comes to us from JP's debut album, Satisfaction Guaranteed, which was released back in June. Its cleverly introspective lyrics ("You can't mistake these oxtails for the Chicken Spot") and the folky Shy Guy production make "Nah" the perfect autumn-seasonal comedown to the Song of the Summer scramble we've finally come out of.

Also, "You Kevin Costner with the drama/ It's not an opera, love" is probably the most perfect thing I'll hear all fall, period -- and it's not even the Equinox.

In case you're new to the 22-year-old rapper, born Shayna McHale, I highly recommend you check out this interview she did with Vice at the time of Satisfaction Guaranteed's release. In it, she talks style, "living tropical" in the U.S., Black power, feminism, Black feminism, and the origins of her attention-grabbing name.

"Females have pussies, so it's the most feminine word ever, and jungle -- it could be wild, but it's also beautiful to me." She continues: "I didn't run from the name because I felt that in my heart I knew it wasn't anything crazy or degrading. I knew it was everybody else's reaction that was making it what it is, so I decided to stick it out and see what would come from it."

Watch Junglepussy's "Nah" video, a collaboration with Suspects NYC, below.