Cee Lo Tried To Have A Discussion About Rape And Consent On Twitter And It Went Horribly Wrong

Not the right place, not the right words.

Maybe Twitter isn't the ideal place to have discussions about serious topics like rape. Cee Lo Green learned that lesson this week after an attempt to explain his recent legal troubles only managed to enrage fans (and the general public) even more.

Last fall, Cee Lo was charged with a felony when the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office alleged that he “slipped ecstasy to a 33-year-old female while the two were dining" and the victim claimed that she later woke up in her hotel room naked.

He plead no contest to the drug charges, and was subsequently sentenced to three years of probation, in addition to community service, due to a lack of evidence. And although he escaped jail time, there were still lingering concerns about the events that took place that night.

Things got heated on Sunday when the rapper tried to explain his side of the story on Twitter in disparaging terms. He tweeted a series of messages that were later deleted, but BuzzFeed obtained screen grabs of them. Cee Lo eventually deleted his entire account, then restored it without those messages.

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously,” he tweeted, adding, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

via BuzzFeed/@blowticious

When the Internet started going nuts, he issued an apology, which you can read below. If you want to see the backlash in full, you can head to Twitter, but to put it mildly -- he could've used far more discretion here.

“Let me 1st praise god for exoneration fairness & freedom! Secondly I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context," Cee Lo said in his apology. “I only intended on a healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this. Please forgive me as it was your support that got me thru this to begin with. I’d never condone the harm of any women. Thank you.”

To learn about rape culture and what you can do to combat it, head over to Look Different.

“If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual violence, call the 24-hour National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673), or visit Rainn.org.”