We Are In 'Lava' With Pixar's Lovesick Volcano

I think I lava this volcano.

Awwww! Volcanoes are having a moment right now (what with two of them going off around the world at the moment), but this one's likely the only one to melt your ever-loving heart with love (rather than, y'know, incinerating it with fire and ash). Naturally, it's not so much a real one as a Pixar animated one, but still: a little bit of adorable, personified cuteness never hurt anybody, right?

"Lava," as the short is titled because of course it is, introduces us to a lovesick volcano named Uku who only wants to find another volcano, and in turn, love. As the days turn into nights and continue to add up, his one dream remains true: he wants to find somebody to love-ah. Lava, love-ah: get it? Adorable freaking puns are adorable.

Because Uku is just the cutest. He has dreams:

He wants love:

And he'll wait as long as it takes to find it:

AWWWW! UKU you ol' romantic, you! Here's the clip, complete with Uku's lovely singing voice:

See? You're feeling things! An engorged sense of joy and love, aren't you?

Unfortunately we've still got awhile to wait before the full "Lava" lands in our lives: the full short is slated to debut in front of the studio's next full-length feature, "Inside Out," premiering June 19, 2015.

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