Jim Standridge

Watch Candid Videos Of 16-Year-Old Katy Perry In Her Christian Singer Phase

Pressure to perform, skin woes, missing her parents: teenage Katy Perry is all of us.

Katy Perry has always been vocal about her musical beginnings, but this is the first time we've had an uncensored glimpse into the singer's early days as a performer on the road.

Videographer Jim Standridge recently unearthed 90 minutes of raw footage from an electronic press kit he shot for Red Hill Records back in 2001, when they first signed a Christian music artist named Katy Hudson. He edited it down to 13-minute montage, full of priceless intimate moments with an earnest, teenage Katy.

The footage includes Katy giving a tour of her trailer, where she's watching "Survivor," and if the "Roar" video is any indication, she's still fan of the show. We see her putting "loads of makeup on before the show" (some things never change!) and struggling with how to wear her hair, finally up opting for pigtails.

The shots of her greeting fans and gleefully signing autographs feel like foreshadowing. Finally, we see her belting out melodies and playing guitar onstage—and talk about raw talent – her voice is exactly the same!). Plus, we get a glimpse into her private life when she breaks down in tears when talking about how much she misses her parents and life on the road.

"I'm just some kid from California!" Perry confesses to the camera. If only she knew then what we all know now! One thing is clear: Perry may've been a baby-faced newbie to the music industry, but even back then this year's Best Female Video VMA winner conducted herself in the endearingly self-deprecating, funny, warm, relatable style we've all come to know and love. Some people are just born stars!