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This Upbeat Sam Smith Remix Will Have You Dancing Through The Tears

Grant Nelson gives us his synth-laden take on 'I'm Not The Only One.'

It's no secret around here that we've got a soft spot for Sam Smith. The British crooner is one of our 2014 Artists To Watch, and did you see that VMA performance of "Stay With Me"? Let me include it below in case you missed it.

As Sam continues to conquer the world with his heart-rending ballads, one of our favorites, "I'm Not The Only One," got an upbeat, garage remix from British DJ and producer Grant Nelson. The heartbreak and cheating is all still there, but it's pumped up with a thumping beat and an array of airy vocals and plenty of jumpy synths.

Along with pretty much everyone who has come in contact with Sam's mesmerizing voice, we loved the original version with its sparse, lonely piano. But this remix raises the stakes of the track and imbues the song with a little more ferocity.

This might be the version to turn to when you've started to get over the betrayal, and you're ready to hit the dance floor. Thanks Grant, we owe you one. And Sam, thank you for blessing us with that soulful, perfect voice—along with your endless humility and adorable smile.