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OK, Just TRY Not To Pop That To Jason Derulo's 'Bubblegum' Lyric Video

Must. Pop. Booty.

The time for wiggling has passed. Noted booty enthusiast Jason Derulo has officially taken things to the next level with "Bubblegum," an anthem for anyone overcome with the uncontrollable urge to pop it.

The Talk Dirty single got an equally popping lyric video on Wednesday -- eye-popping that is -- that shows the lyrics bursting like overblown gum.

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The popping only ramps up when featured rapper Tyga comes in with his verse, which concludes with a much-appreciated reference to Lil' Kim's "Crush On You": "And I need me a ride or die, who's a freak/ Got seven different girls every day of the week."

Resistance is futile. Watch Jason Derulo's "Bubblegum" lyric video below.

(Warning: NSFW language.)