Watch Taylor Swift Get Even More Uncomfortable In These 'Shake It Off' Outtakes

This behind-the-scenes video shows us how Swift gets endearingly awkward on purpose.

One thing's for sure: Taylor Swift hates running. But when you have a dedicated music video director (hey, Mark Romanek) pushing you to do your best, you bet your buns you're going to run.

At least, that's sort of how Taylor explains it in the first behind-the-scenes clip in her "Outtakes" series for "Shake It Off," the first single off her upcoming 1989 album. The singer describes the concept of the video -- inserting herself awkwardly into a group of talented dancers to see what happens -- and tells Swifties how she trained for the intense cardio of the three-day shoot.

Watch Tay dress up in a cheerleader uniform, get uncomfortable, but still manage to perfect those basket tosses, even though she claims she had never done them before.