Can Liam Rise To The Occasion As The Newest 'Teen Wolf'?

Feeling defeated, he shared some serious self-doubts with Scott.

Having nearly been killed by the "Teen Wolf" Nogitsune no fewer than a dozen times, Scott and Kira have developed into fearless warriors, and werecoyote Malia, who joined their pack after the creature was finally cut down, doesn't have a timid bone in her body. But Scott's newest beta wolf, Liam, isn't so steadfast -- and on Monday's "Teen Wolf" episode, he feared he didn't have the backbone to keep up with the others.

Liam, who never asked for "the bite," is doing pretty well for himself, all things considered. He managed to climb his way out of Garrett's temporary prison, has gone toe-to-toe with Berserkers and is a monster on the lacrosse field. But when he finally understood that The Benefactor's assassins had no intention of relenting -- and that he might not ever be completely out of the woods as one of their supernatural targets -- he felt beaten down, and wasn't sure he could press on. "I'm not like you," he told Scott and said he was in awe of the Alpha's resolve.

Luckily for Liam, the dead pool's mainframe has been turned off, and the assassins are officially off his back, but there's still plenty of danger to come. So when the time comes and Liam's tested, will he rise to the occasion, or is he too dispirited to keep fighting? Share your thoughts in the comments!