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Justin Bieber Goes Country For This Johnny Cash Cover

Is Justin about to fall into a 'Ring Of Fire'?

Justin Bieber is clearly ready for a change in his life—and maybe in more ways than one. The singer has already tackled both pop & R&B with immense success, so why not venture out into some wide open spaces?

We know Bieber is at least dipping his toes into the weird, wonderful world of country because he posted an Instagram video today (August 25) of him and his friend and fellow musician Khalil Amir Sharieff covering Johnny Cash's classic "Ring Of Fire." Honestly, their voices are pretty close to that deep, Cash level pitch, even if they didn't do the full song.

"We wake up singin good ol johny cash @khalil came with with the crazy tone lol," Bieber wrote about the video.

Will we be hearing more country moments for the Biebs in the following days? He was posting a bunch of acoustic guitar photos the other day... with the caption "Acoustic album?"

And another classic acoustic cover, Kansas' existential musing lullabye "Dust In The Wind."

Needless to say, if he did go country we'd want to see him teaming up with artists like Luke Bryan, Kacey Musgraves and Tim McGraw for some duets. I personally think he'd look great in a cowboy hat and some boots.

What do you think? Would Justin Bieber make a good country singer? Let us know in the comments.