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7 People Who Will Probably Die On The 'Pretty Little Liars' Fatal Finale

Let's play Rosewood Grim Reaper, shall we?

It's officially "FAtal Finale" Tuesday, Little Liars! By the time tonight (August 26) is through, Rosewood, Pennsylvania will be down one taxpaying citizen due to yet another A-related murder.

Now, many have speculated that the death could be one of our main Liars, but we personally don't feel that the show is ready to lose Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, or Shay Mitchell at this time. Also, Ali just returned, so we're going to -- reluctantly -- cross her off our list as well. And "Pretty Little Liars" has had a tendency to focus on killing parental units in the recent past, so we're going to cross them off too, which helps in the whole narrowing down our options department.

So, who does that leave? Err, well, a lot of people. But here are some of our favorites:

1. Noel Kahn

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He hangs out with shady people (Ali), gets involved in shady business (Ali's business), and is important enough to have an emotional impact without really shaking things up too much. We hope it's not Noel -- we want someone bigger -- but he's high on our list due to his surprising reemergence as a major B-player this season, and it would definitely make sense for A to want to hurt Ali's helper.

2. Jason DiLaurentis

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Jason DiLaurentis is always high up on any deathpool, simply by virtue of being Jason DiLaurentis. We don't necessarily want him to go, because there's still so much mystery surrounding his family (and his potential secret sibling who we still 100 percent believe exists), but his tendency to get into trouble again and again and again -- and without many allies, it would seem -- could lead to an untimely demise at any moment.

3. Melissa Hastings

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Melissa's death would be just the right amount of shocking (and devastating, for the Hastings family) to cause major waves in the Liars universe, which we, for one, welcome. Also, she just confessed to murder, so it's not beyond reason that this murder might have consequences.

4. Jenna Marshall

Really though, hasn't Jenna had a giant target on her back this entire time? No one ever truly seems to know which side Jenna is on, so if someone were to take her out, it would be very tough to pinpoint a suspect. And with Shana and Garrett six feet under, Jenna is without her main allies -- the ones who 100 percent had her back.

5. Paige McCullers

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We love Paige, but we also don't trust Paige. However, it would be oh-so-Paige to die heroically to save Emily somehow, finally earning our trust back after nearly drowning her all of those years ago. Yep, of anyone on this list, Paige would certainly make the best martyr.

6. Toby Cavanaugh

Okay, so a popular theory -- largely due to Hanna crying in the "FAtal Finale" promo -- is that Caleb might die, but we're not buying it. A main Liar's death seems totally off the table at this point, but a main Liar's boyfriend? Now that's never been done -- only a main Liar's girlfriend, and that was before we knew Maya well enough to classify her death as a game-changer. Toby's death would blow everybody's lives to smithereens, which is exactly what boss lady Marlene King seems to want.

7. Mona Vanderwaal

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Mona is last on this list only because it's possible, but it would also be terrible. Janel Parrish is just so much fun and adds so much life to the show that losing her would be a major bummer, but she is a viable target. Girl just knows too much.

Who do you think will bite it in the "FAtal Finale?" Let us know your thoughts in the comments!